Why Somersault System Are Best for Trampoline Parks

Imagine the look on your customers’ faces as they defy gravity with ease! Somersault systems are the BEST BIG thing in trampoline parks, offering an experience unlike any other. Due to its unique combination of physical activity and thrilling entertainment, trampoline parks have grown in popularity as a family and thrill-seeking destination.

However, not every trampoline park is made equally. Somersault systems, which provide a ground-breaking method for park design and performance, are creating waves in the industry. In this blog, we’ll explore Somersault systems and discuss why they are the best choice for trampoline parks aiming to enhance their offerings..

Somersault System

Somersault System the BIG SAFETY ASSURANCE

Importance of Safety in Trampoline Parks

With millions of visitors annually, trampoline parks have emerged as a popular destination for recreation and physical wellness. But the very things that add to the excitement of these parks—flips, big jumps, and aerial tricks—also come with a huge risk. It is not just necessary, but crucial to ensure safety in trampoline parks for several reasons:

  • Preventing Injuries: Because of its high-impact nature, trampolining can result in a variety of injuries. Common risks include sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions. Implementing rigorous safety enclosures and trampoline socks which helps mitigate the hazards, making the environment safer for all users.
  • Enhancing User Experience: Safety is intimately tied to the quality of the user experience. When guests feel protected, they are more inclined to relax and enjoy themselves. This satisfying experience boosts word-of-mouth recommendations and encourages return visits, which enhances the park’s popularity and reputation. Parents, in particular, are more inclined to bring their children to a park they view as safe.
  • Legal and Financial Protection: Ensuring safety is essential for trampoline park operators to steer clear of legal issues and financial responsibilities. Lawsuits resulting from injuries have the potential to be expensive and detrimental to the park’s image. Operators can shield themselves from future lawsuits and related costs by following safety regulations and taking preventative action. 
  • Building Trust and Credibility: Safety precautions give a trampoline park more legitimacy and reliability. A park that has a reputation for being safe draws in more visitors, such as school groups, community organisations, and business gatherings. Parents who frequently worry about their kids’ safety are also trusted, which is why they are more inclined to select a park with a good safety reputation.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Trampolines are subject to several local laws and ordinances. These may consist of regulations issued by regional health and safety agencies or groups like ASTM International. It is legally required that you abide by these regulations; compliance is not optional. 

By following these guidelines, the park can make sure that it stays legal and keeps its operating licence.

How Somersault Systems Enhance Safety

Somersault System

Enter the somersault system—a game-changer in trampoline park safety. These systems are precisely designed to limit the chance of harm while enhancing enjoyment, meeting stringent safety standards recommended by ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). Here’s how they do it:

Controlled Environment:  Harnesses and other supporting structures are frequently incorporated into Somersault systems to assist users during their flips and spins and lessen the possibility of uncontrollable movements that could cause mishaps.

Impact Reduction: Impact-absorbing materials were used in the systems’ engineering to provide a softer landing and lessen the strain on joints and muscles.

Automated Adjustments: Advanced somersault systems ensure a customised and secure experience for all users, from novices to experienced performers, by adjusting tension and support according to the user’s weight and skill level.

Clear Instructions and Training:  These systems usually include thorough training materials and easy-to-follow user manuals, encouraging safe habits from the outset.

Numerous somersault systems either meet or surpass industry safety standards, like the trampoline park guidelines set forth by ASTM International. These certifications guarantee that the systems are designed to offer a safe environment for all users and have passed extensive testing.

Somersault systems provide consumers and their families confidence while also making trampoline parks safer by incorporating these cutting-edge safety elements. These systems are a must-have for any contemporary trampoline park since they let users experience the exhilaration of free-falling enjoyment without worrying about getting hurt.

Versatility and Innovation

Versatility and Innovation - Somersault System

Technological Advancements

Somersault systems are at the forefront of innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance the user experience. Key technological features include:

  • Adjustable Settings: One notable feature is the ability to adjust settings for various skill levels. Everyone will have a customised safe experience as users can adjust the tension and support according to their weight, height, and level of experience.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Real-time feedback is provided by certain complex structures that have integrated software and sensors. With the help of this function, users can keep an eye on their performance and make the necessary changes to improve their technique more efficiently.
  • Automated Assistance: To lower the potential of inaccuracy and damage, modern somersault systems frequently incorporate automated assistance features that offer extra support during difficult manoeuvres.
  • Interactive Displays: Interactive displays have the potential to improve the learning process by providing users with visual demonstrations and guidance on various methods and strategies.


The versatility of somersault systems is one of its most amazing features. These systems are a flexible addition to any facility since they can be customised to meet the particular needs and layouts of different trampoline parks. Important aspects of flexibility include:

  • Modular Design: A common aspect of Somersault systems is their modular architecture, which allows them to be adjusted to accommodate different locations and layouts. The system may be scaled and modified to fit the needs of the park, regardless of how big or tiny the outdoor space is.
  • Multi-User Capability: The systems are perfect for crowded parks with lots of visitors since they may be configured to support numerous users at once. With this function, there won’t be any lengthy wait times for more people to enjoy the somersault system.
  • Inclusive Features: Somersault systems are inclusive, accommodating users of various ages and skill levels. To ensure that everyone can participate and have fun, specific environments and support can be included for small children, beginners, or people with physical disabilities.
  • Themed Experiences: Somersault systems can be tailored by parks to match particular themes or occasions, such as fitness classes, leisure play, or training for competitive sports. Parks can provide distinctive experiences that appeal to a wide range of interests and demographics because of this versatility.

The versatility and innovation of somersault systems make them a standout feature in any trampoline park. Their ability to support a wide range of movements, incorporate advanced technology, and adapt to various park configurations and user needs ensures that they provide a superior experience for all visitors.

Maintenance and cost-effectiveness of somersault system

Somersault System

Ease of Maintenance

One of the standout features of somersault systems is their low maintenance requirements. These systems are engineered for minimal upkeep, which means park operators can spend less time on maintenance and more time focusing on their guests. Key maintenance benefits include:

  • Simple Inspections: Routine inspections are straightforward, allowing staff to quickly identify and address any potential issues.
  • Modular Components: The modular design of somersault systems means that individual parts can be easily replaced without needing to overhaul the entire system. This reduces downtime and ensures the equipment is back in action swiftly.
  • Durable Materials: The use of high-grade, durable materials means fewer repairs and replacements are needed over the system’s lifespan.
  • User-Friendly Repair Processes: When repairs are necessary, they are typically simple and can be performed by trained staff without the need for specialised tools or external technicians.

These features make maintaining somersault systems hassle-free and efficient, ensuring they remain a reliable attraction in any trampoline park.


While the initial investment in a somersault system may be higher than traditional trampoline setups, the long-term savings make it a smart financial decision. Here’s how somersault systems prove to be cost-effective:

  • Reduced Replacement Costs: The superior durability of somersault systems means they require fewer replacements over time, leading to significant savings on new equipment.
  • Lower Maintenance Expenses: The ease of maintenance and repair translates to lower labour costs and minimal need for expensive repairs, keeping operational costs down.
  • Increased Longevity: The extended lifespan of somersault systems ensures that parks can benefit from their investment for many years, spreading out the initial cost over a longer period.
  • Enhanced Revenue Potential: With their ability to attract more visitors and provide a unique, exciting experience, somersault systems can increase foot traffic and, consequently, revenue. Happy, satisfied visitors are more likely to return and recommend the park to others, boosting overall profitability.

The maintenance and cost-effectiveness of somersault systems make them an excellent investment for trampoline parks. due to their ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness ensure that they remain a valuable and reliable feature, providing both operational efficiency and enhanced user satisfaction. By choosing somersault systems, park operators can enjoy long-term savings while offering a cutting-edge, exciting attraction that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Somersault Systems Spares

Somersault system spares are essential for maintaining safety and enjoyment in trampoline parks. These spare parts ensure that safety mechanisms, such as padding and netting, remain intact and effective. They also allow for quick replacement of worn-out or damaged components, here are some spares ensuring that the trampolines are always in optimal condition to prevent accidents and injuries:

Middle double frame pad for Somersault system

Middle double frame pad for Somersault system: The middle double frame pad by supertramp for the Somersault system is a critical component designed to enhance safety and durability in trampoline parks. It provides additional protection by covering the frame where two trampoline sections meet, ensuring that jumpers are shielded from contact with hard surfaces.

Long edge single width frame pad for Somersault

Long edge single width frame pad for Somersault: The long edge single width frame pad for Somersault systems provides crucial protection along the trampoline’s perimeter. Specifically designed for durability and safety, it covers the frame edge to minimise the risk of contact injuries during jumping and play.

11 inch (279mm) Springs to fit the Somersault Modular system 50 pack

11 inch (279mm) Springs to fit the Somersault Modular system 50 pack: The 11-inch (279mm) springs for the Somersault Modular system ensure optimal bounce and safety in trampoline parks. This pack of 50 springs guarantees durability and reliable performance, enhancing the overall jumping experience for park visitors.

Replacement Skirt for Somersault System

Replacement Skirt for Somersault System: The replacement skirt for the Somersault System is essential for maintaining safety and aesthetics in trampoline parks. Designed to enclose the base of the trampoline, it enhances the overall appearance while ensuring safety by preventing access beneath the jumping area.

Central walkway pads for Somersault System

Central walkway pads for Somersault System: Central walkway pads for the Somersault System are critical components that enhance safety in trampoline parks. Designed to cover walkways between trampolines, they provide cushioning and protection, reducing the risk of slips and falls. These pads contribute to a safer environment for park visitors, ensuring a pleasant and secure jumping experience.

Short Edge Frame pad for Somersault - single

Short Edge Frame pad for Somersault – single: The short edge frame pad for the Somersault system provides essential protection along the edges of trampolines. Designed to cover the shorter sides of the frame, it enhances safety by cushioning potential impact zones, ensuring a secure environment for trampoline users.

Spare pole foam covers for Somersault System

Spare pole foam covers for Somersault System: Spare pole foam covers for the Somersault System are crucial for maintaining safety and comfort in trampoline parks. Designed to fit securely over metal poles, they provide padding to prevent accidental bumps and bruises during active play, ensuring a safe experience for all users.

Short edge frame pads for Somersault - Pair

Short edge frame pads for Somersault – Pair: The short edge frame pads for the Somersault system come in pairs and are essential for enhancing trampoline safety. They provide durable cushioning along the shorter edges of the trampoline frame, reducing the risk of injuries from accidental impacts and ensuring a safer jumping environment.

Business Benefits of Somersault Systems

Business Benefits of Somersault Systems

In the competitive world of trampoline parks, offering unique and exciting features is key to standing out and attracting more visitors. The introduction of somersault systems provides a novel experience that sets a park apart from its competitors. here is how somersault can bring various benefits to your business:

  • Attracting More Visitors: Somersault systems provide a unique selling point that sets trampoline parks apart, attracting thrill-seekers and families seeking novel experiences. Their innovative acrobatic equipment appeals to a wide range of visitors, from beginners to athletes, drawing in new guests and encouraging repeat visits. This distinctive feature ensures a steady flow of visitors, making the trampoline park a top destination for fun and adventure.
  • Positive Reviews and Word-of-mouth: Enhanced customer satisfaction from the fun and safe experience of somersault systems leads to high satisfaction levels. Happy customers leave positive reviews and share their experiences on social media, boosting the park’s visibility and reputation. This organic promotion brings in new customers through word-of-mouth, reducing the need for additional marketing costs.
  • Increased Revenue: The unique appeal of somersault systems can justify premium pricing and special package deals, boosting ticket sales. Satisfied customers are likely to return, ensuring a consistent revenue stream. Additionally, specialised training sessions, gymnastics classes, and acrobatic workshops centred around the somersault system attract niche audiences and generate extra income. Branded merchandise related to the somersault experience offers another revenue source as visitors seek to commemorate their visit.
  • One step ahead of competitors: Offering a unique and advanced feature like the somersault system differentiates the park from others, making it a top choice for visitors seeking new experiences. Investing in cutting-edge technology and innovative attractions positions the park as an industry leader, attracting media attention and valuable partnerships.
  • Operational Efficiency: The durability and ease of maintenance of somersault systems minimise the need for frequent repairs and replacements, significantly reducing operational costs. Their long-lasting nature ensures a prolonged return on investment, making them a financially sound decision in the long run.


Transform your trampoline park into the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers and families alike, where every jump and flip becomes an exhilarating adventure. Somersault systems aren’t just about excitement—they set higher safety standards, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase revenue potential. By investing in these state-of-the-art attractions, you’ll not only stand out from competitors but also lead the industry.

Embrace innovation and excellence with somersault systems to elevate the experience at your park. Discover how these systems can redefine fun, safety, and profitability. Contact us today to explore integrating somersault systems into your park and turning your vision into reality. Your next big adventure awaits!

Somersault systems are designed with advanced safety features, including enhanced padding, secure enclosures, and durable materials, to minimise the risk of injuries and provide a safer environment for users.

With their innovative design, Somersault systems offer a superior bouncing experience, improved safety, and reduced maintenance needs, allowing visitors to enjoy their time without worrying about safety concerns.

Yes, Somersault systems are modular and highly customizable, allowing trampoline parks to configure their setups to fit various spaces and design preferences while maintaining safety and performance standards.

Somersault systems are designed for durability and ease of maintenance. Regular inspections and timely replacement of worn-out parts, like springs and pads, ensure long-lasting performance and safety.

Somersault systems meet stringent safety standards recommended by organisations like ROSPA, ensuring that all components are designed and tested to provide maximum protection for users.