How Investing In A Commercial Trampoline Can Boost Your Entertainment Business!

The entertainment business is growing in the UK, and everyone is looking for fun and exciting experiences. As the industry evolves, businesses are seeking innovative ways to captivate audiences and stand out in the competitive landscape. One such trend gaining immense popularity is the incorporation of trampolines into entertainment establishments. The joy and thrill that trampolines bring have captured the attention of people of all ages

In this blog, we will discuss how investing in a commercial trampoline can significantly boost your business’s appeal and profitability.

The Entertainment Industry in the UK

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The entertainment industry in the UK is highly competitive. With so many options for leisure activities, from cinemas to theme parks, customers have endless choice. This makes it difficult for entertainment venues to stand out. Lets look at some of the facts:

  • The UK has over 800 cinemas and theatres, 350 museums and galleries, and hundreds of music venues all vying for visitors. Plus additional competition from streaming services and at-home entertainment.
  • Customer expectations are high – people want unique, shareable experiences. The popularity of immersive events like Trampoline Park Parties that customers crave interactive, multi-sensory entertainment.
  • Budget pressures mean customers are selective about how they spend on leisure. Venues must provide perceived value for money through special offers, memberships, etc.

To grow in such environment, entertainment businesses need a competitive edge. Offering innovative attractions like trampolines can set a venue apart:

  • Trampolines are a proven way to attract families, teens, fitness fans and corporate groups year-round.
  • They can be used for fitness classes, children parties, slam dunk contests, corporate team building and more.
  • Video, lighting and theming can enhance the experience, creating those all-important shareable moments.

With careful planning and promotion, adding large 14ft trampoline can establish your business as a top entertainment destination in your area. Their versatility and widespread appeal makes them a smart investment.

The Appeal of Trampolines

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Jumping on a trampoline is simply fun for all ages! The appeal is universal across cultures and generations.

  • For children, bouncing brings giggles and thrill as they experience the sensation of weightlessness. As their skills improve, they gain confidence in their developing coordination and abilities.
  • Teens and young adults enjoy showing off trampoline tricks, from somersaults to seat drops. The trampoline becomes an arena to challenge themselves physically and bond with friends.
  • Adults experience the nostalgia of childhood trampoline fun. Jumping offers a vigorous cardio workout to music, promoting health and releasing stress.
  • Even seniors can gently hop for low-impact exercise to improve balance, flexibility and muscle strength.

With safety nets and padded frames, modern trampolines encourage people to jump safely. Their instant entertainment value makes trampolines magnets for attracting more customers to entertainment venues of all kinds.

Whether indoor or outdoor, adding a quality commercial trampoline can be a profitable investment. People intuitively understand and desire the simple joy of bouncing high into the air and back. A trampoline offers thrilling sensations that appeal across generations, making it a versatile addition that brings smiles to any entertainment business!

Why Commercial Trampoline is a Wise Investment?

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Adding a commercial trampoline park to your family entertainment centre or indoor playground is one of the smartest investments you can make these days. 

Increased Foot Traffic – Trampoline parks draw crowds like nothing else. People of all ages love bouncing, flipping, and playing dodgeball in giant trampoline courts. This will get more people through your doors.

  • Revenue Growth – With more visitors comes more revenue opportunities – trampoline jump time, food and beverage sales, party bookings, etc. Parks charge by the hour so income stacks up quick.
  • Birthday Parties – Trampoline parks are one of the hottest birthday party venues right now. Capture this market by offering party packages in your facility.
  • Attracts Families – Unlike roller coasters, trampolines appeal to all ages from toddlers to adults. Whole families will play together.
  • Social Media Buzz – Trampoline dunk tanks go viral online. Visitors will drive shares and tags on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.
  • Versatile Play Options – A main court for bouncing, dodgeball courts, foam pits, angled trampolines, slam dunk trampolines…endless ways to jump!

Adding a commercial trampoline park or series of trampolines to your facility checks all the boxes – more visitors, more revenue, more buzz. It’s a wise investment that will pay off substantially. Don’t miss out on this new trampoline trend!

Marketing Strategies

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Incorporating a commercial trampoline into your entertainment business opens up fun new revenue streams. But you’ll need to get the word out so customers know about your exciting new offering! Here are some strategies to effectively market your trampoline:

Promote On Your Website and Social Media

  • Devote a section of your website to detailing your trampoline amenities, rules, pricing, etc. Post engaging photos and videos.
  • Promote it heavily on all your social media channels through posts, stories, reels, etc. Offer social media exclusive specials.

Print Flyers and Signage

  • Place highly visible signage and flyers throughout your establishment advertising your trampoline. Put flyers on tables, at the front desk, etc.

Offer Discounts and Packages

  • Run special discount promotions like 25% off trampoline sessions every Tuesday.
  • Offer birthday party packages with a free trampoline session.
  • Have monthly passes that offer a number of discounted sessions.

Host a Grand Opening Event

  • When you launch, have a special media event to generate buzz. Give away prizes and free sessions.

Local Advertising and Partnerships

  • Take out ads in local newspapers and magazines. See if you can feature the trampoline on a local TV segment.
  • Partner with other businesses to cross-promote the trampoline through co-marketing campaigns.

Following these strategies will spread excitement about your awesome new trampoline amenity far and wide, driving traffic and revenue! Let me know if you need any help putting these ideas into action.

Safety Standards and Regulation

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Ensuring safety in your commercial trampoline business is not only important for your customers’ welfare, but it will boost your business success and bottom line. As the owner, adhering to key UK safety standards like RoSPA Guidelines and regulations should be a top priority.

Inspections and Maintenance

Routinely inspecting equipment and carrying out preventative maintenance helps avoid injuries or accidents. Check for rips, frays, or loose stitching on trampoline beds, and make sure frames are structurally sound. Replace worn parts immediately. Also confirm safety padding meets thickness standards. Document all inspections.

Staff Training

Properly train staff on operating procedures, rules enforcement, and emergency protocols. Well-trained staff can better monitor activities, spot potential hazards, and handle injuries or incidents appropriately. They will provide better customer service as well. Consider requiring first-aid and CPR certifications.

Usage Rules

Enforcing rules of conduct helps prevent collisions between jumpers. Rules should limit the number of participants at one time and prohibit dangerous stunts or flips. Use visual aids like signs or notices to reinforce policies. Staff must consistently apply rules without exception.

Emergency Action Plan

Develop emergency and evacuation procedures for accidents or injuries, severe weather, fire, or other critical incidents. Ensure access to first-aid supplies and establish contacts with local emergency responders. Practice emergency drills routinely with staff.

Making safety a key business priority and following standards demonstrates your commitment to customers’ welfare. It also reduces liability risks and protects your business investment over the long term. Most importantly, safety brings peace of mind so guests can fully enjoy themselves.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Adding a commercial trampoline to your entertainment business can deliver an excellent return on your investment if done right. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Upfront Costs

The upfront cost of a commercial-grade trampoline park set-up ranges from £350,000 to £400,000 + VAT depending on size and accessories. This covers the spring flooring, safety pads, durable jump mats, enclosure netting and poles. You’ll also need to factor in installation, freight, taxes, the building itself if needed, and any other construction requirements.

While the initial cash outlay is substantial, the ongoing profits over time make it worthwhile.

Revenue Potential

A properly marketed trampoline park can generate a good amount of annual revenue. Income streams include:

  • Entry fees
  • Special play passes
  • Private events
  • Food and beverage sales
  • Merchandise

With capacity for 100+ jumpers at once, you can turnover hundreds of eager customers daily.


On the expense side, you’ll have:

  • Rent/mortgage
  • Staff wages
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Cleaning services
  • Marketing

Careful budgeting allows most operators to turn a profit within the first year, even with financing costs and depreciation.

Bottom Line

With strong customer demand, clever marketing and solid operations, a commercial trampoline park can produce excellent returns year after year. The key is driving volume through the doors and maximizing your revenue per square foot.


In conclusion, investing in a commercial trampoline for your UK-based entertainment business is a strategic move. Trampolines offer a versatile solution to stand out in the competitive market, attracting a broad customer base of families, teens, fitness enthusiasts, and corporate groups. A commercial trampoline park not only increases foot traffic but also boosts revenue through jump time, party bookings, and food sales. With a focus on birthday parties, social media buzz, and careful adherence to safety standards, trampolines bring excitement and profitability to your venue.

How do I advertise my trampoline park?
Promote your trampoline park through digital platforms, social media, and local partnerships. Utilise targeted advertising to effectively reach potential customers.
Who is the target audience for trampoline parks?
The primary target audience for trampoline parks includes families, children, teenagers, and fitness enthusiasts seeking a fun and active recreational experience.
How profitable is a trampoline park?
Trampoline parks can be profitable, but success depends on factors like location, marketing, and efficient operations. Conduct thorough market research and financial planning to assess profitability potential.
What are the social benefits of trampolining?
Trampolining promotes social interaction and teamwork. It provides a platform for individuals of all ages to engage in a shared, enjoyable activity, fostering camaraderie and positive social experiences.
Is a trampoline a good business?
A trampoline park can be a lucrative business if managed effectively. With the right location, safety measures, and marketing strategies, it has the potential to attract a wide customer base seeking entertainment and physical activity.