Understanding How Trampoline Is the New Fitness Trend in the UK

how trampolines are good for adults

Ever wondered why children get to have all the fun bouncing around on trampolines? Trampolining isn’t just for children – it can provide some brilliant health benefits for adults too. You may think trampolines are risky and only suitable for little daredevils with boundless energy, but when used properly under the right conditions, a trampoline can give you an exhilarating full-body workout like no other.

Trampolines aren’t just for children anymore. Those giant garden toys that provide hours of entertainment are becoming popular with adults across the UK.

This blog aims to show how trampolines are good for adults and goes beyond fun, offering adults a simple and enjoyable path to physical and mental well-being.

Weight Management and Fitness

how trampolines are good for adults

Trampolines aren’t just for children. Adults can benefit tremendously from jumping on a trampoline. Here are some of the main reasons trampolining is a great exercise for adults:

Burning calories

A 150-pound person can burn over 200 calories in just 15 minutes of moderate trampolining. Increase the intensity or jump time, and you’ll burn even more calories for weight loss.

Improving fitness 

Trampolining provides an aerobic workout that can boost your stamina and endurance. It exercises your whole body, including your core, legs, and glutes. Regular trampolining can strengthen your muscles and improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Adding to your routine 

Trampolining is a fun form of cardio exercise you can incorporate into your weekly workout schedule. Aim for 2-3 sessions of 15-30 minutes a week for the best results. You can also do interval or circuit training on a trampoline to mix up your routine.

Low impact 

Unlike many other aerobic exercises, trampolining provides an effective cardio workout with minimal impact on your joints. The trampoline absorbs up to 80% of the stress from your weight and redirects it to the springs. This makes it a suitable option for people with joint or mobility issues.

Motivation to exercise 

For many adults, exercise for the sake of exercise isn’t appealing or motivating. Trampolining, on the other hand, doesn’t feel like a chore. The activity is fun and exhilarating, giving you an incentive to work out regularly to experience that thrill and enjoyment.

Trampolining ticks all the boxes for an ideal exercise for weight loss, fitness, and motivation. Please give it a bounce and see for yourself how trampoline are good for adults and can boost health and well-being.

Physical Health Benefits

how trampolines are good for adults

Jumping on a trampoline isn’t just for children. As an adult, you can reap some serious physical benefits from bouncing, too. 

Cardiovascular benefits

All that bouncing provides an aerobic workout, increasing your heart rate for an extended period. This can strengthen your heart and blood circulation. Even just 10-15 minutes of jumping a few times a week can provide cardiovascular benefits over time.

Improved balance and coordination

Jumping on a trampoline requires core strength and balance to stay upright and in control of your momentum. This challenges your balance, coordination and proprioception – your sense of where your body is in space. With regular use, you can significantly improve these abilities.

Low-impact exercise for joint health

Trampolining provides an effective workout without the high-impact stress on your joints. The surface absorbs most of the force so you can get a high-intensity workout without pounding your knees, ankles and hips. This makes it ideal for people with joint issues or those at risk of conditions like osteoarthritis who still want an effective cardio and strength session.

Trampolining isn’t just child’s play. By providing an enjoyable way to improve your cardiovascular health, balance, coordination and joint mobility, a trampoline can be a great addition to any adult’s exercise routine. For an adult a 14ft trampoline is ideal in all circumstances. Get bouncing and rediscover your inner child while improving your physical health.

Mental Health Benefits

how trampolines are good for adults

Using a trampoline provides several mental health benefits for adults.

Stress relief and mood enhancement

Bouncing on a trampoline is an enjoyable form of exercise that can boost your mood and ease stress. The repetitive motion and impact of jumping activates your body’s feel-good hormones like dopamine and endorphins, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Studies show even just 10-15 minutes of rebounding can provide these psychological perks.

Boost in energy levels.

While trampolining may tire you out physically, it can increase your energy levels mentally. The oxygenated blood pumping through your body and brain creates an energising effect. Many people find a quick bounce session helps combat the post-lunch slump or afternoon fatigue. The change in scenery and physical activity serves as a reinvigorating break from your usual routine.

Fun and enjoyable form of exercise

Trampolining isn’t your typical workout—it’s exciting and fun. The thrill and challenge of performing different jumps bounces, and tricks make exercise enjoyable rather than tedious. This can motivate you to stick with it and make trampolining a habit. Pair you trampoline with multiple trampoline accessories for more enjoyable session. The entertainment factor also distracts you from the exertion, allowing you to bounce for longer periods.

Using a trampoline a few times a week is an easy way to boost your mood and energy levels. The mental health benefits for adults are well worth the effort and provide motivation to maintain an active lifestyle. While trampolining may primarily be thought of as a children’ activity, many adults are discovering the psychological rewards of this unique form of exercise.

Social and Recreational Benefits

how trampolines are good for adults

Trampolines aren’t just for children. They offer some great social and recreational benefits for adults as well.

Bonding with Friends or Family

Trampolining with others is a fun way to strengthen relationships and make memories. Whether you invite close friends over for an afternoon or make it a family activity, bouncing together leads to lots of laughter and inside jokes. Alternatively, trampoline parks can be visited with friends and family. It’s an engaging activity that encourages silliness and playfulness with the people you care about.

Get Moving

Trampolining also provides an easy way to be active outdoors. The low-impact yet high-energy nature of jumping makes it an accessible exercise for people of all fitness levels. You can start slowly and build up your endurance over time as your skills and confidence improve. Just 10-15 minutes of trampolining can provide a solid cardio workout, burning over 150 calories for a 125-pound person. Over time, you’ll notice your balance, coordination and stamina start to strengthen.

So don’t think trampolines are just for children. Round up some friends or family members and go have some fun. Bouncing together is a simple pleasure that leads to memorable moments, stress relief and an energising workout.

Safety Considerations

how trampolines are good for adults

To avoid injury, it’s critical to use trampolines responsibly. There are different trampoline accessories made for added protection. Stay within the maximum weight limit or number of jumpers recommended for your trampoline.

If you are planning to use a trampoline for little ones, there are some added safety considerations for children that you should pay attention too.

  • Always supervise children and beginners. An adult should always be present, especially when young children are jumping. Provide clear rules for safe jumping before letting children on the trampoline.
  • Inspect the trampoline before each use and replace any worn or damaged parts. Pads should fully cover the springs and frame. Never remove the pads.
  • Learn basic skills before attempting flips or stunts. Start with basic bounces and knee drops before moving on to more advanced skills. Proper form and control are key.
  • Never jump onto or off the trampoline. Always climb onto and off the trampoline at the ladder or edge pads. Jumping on or off can cause sprains or fractures.
  • Wear proper safety gear like a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, trampoline socks and appropriate clothing. Never wear jewellery or drawstrings that can get caught.
  • Allow one hour between meals and jumping. Jumping on a full stomach can lead to discomfort or vomiting. Stay hydrated and avoid activity if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Only bounce in the centre of the mat. Never bounce close to the edge or springs. Land at an angle for the best bounce and control. Always land with knees bent to absorb impact.

Set rules for games like jumping off together or bouncing each other to avoid collisions. Never crawl under the trampoline when someone is jumping – you could get hit by the springs or mat.

By following these guidelines and properly supervising jumpers, trampolines can be a fun activity for adults and children alike. But safety must always come first. Use your trampoline responsibly and encourage others to do the same.


So there you have it – trampolines aren’t just for children. As an adult, jumping on a trampoline provides a fun way to get some exercise and improve your balance and coordination. The low-impact, high-intensity workout can give you an endorphin boost to brighten your mood and the change in perspective as you bounce high in the air can inspire creativity. While safety should always come first, with some basic precautions and the right trampoline for your needs, anyone at any age can enjoy the benefits of trampolining. The next time you see a trampoline, don’t be afraid to jump right. Trampolining isn’t just child’s play.

Is jumping on a trampoline good for adults?
Yes, jumping on a trampoline is beneficial for adults. It provides a low-impact aerobic workout, promoting cardiovascular fitness, improving coordination, and enhancing overall physical health.
Are trampolines OK for adults?
Absolutely, trampolines are suitable for adults. They offer a fun and effective way to exercise, promoting cardiovascular health, balance, and coordination. Ensure you follow safety guidelines for a secure experience.
How do trampolines help mental health?
Trampolines contribute to mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. The rhythmic bouncing stimulates the release of endorphins, promoting a positive mood and mental well-being. It’s a fun way to unwind and improve overall mental health.
Can trampoline help lose weight?
Yes, using a trampoline can aid weight loss. Bouncing engages various muscle groups, boosts metabolism, and burns calories. It’s a low-impact exercise that can complement a balanced diet and contribute to overall weight management.
What precautions should you take on a trampoline?
To ensure safety on a trampoline, limit one person at a time, avoid somersaults or flips without proper supervision, use safety enclosures, and ensure the trampoline is on level ground. Follow guidelines on weight limits, proper footwear, and age-appropriate activities for a secure and enjoyable experience.