5 Stunning In Ground Trampoline Ideas for Next Garden Makeover

in ground trampoline

An in ground trampoline is a unique way to add some fun to your garden without disrupting the landscape. These trampolines are installed level with the ground, so the mat sits flush with the grass or any surrounding plants. When not in use, the trampoline is virtually invisible. This is perfect if you want to keep a tidy garden and lawn. The smooth, circular sunken design is also an attractive feature in its own right.

There is no risk of falls from the edge or collisions with the frame. This makes in ground trampolines ideal if you have young children or pets who may try to access the trampoline when unattended.

In ground trampoline leaves an opportunity to create a creative landscape around it, which can make your garden stand out. 

In this blog, we will look at 5 stunning in ground trampoline ideas that will give your garden a worthy makeover.

1. Natural Integration with Landscape:

in ground trampoline

When choosing a spot for an in ground trampoline, look for an area with soft, level ground that receives plenty of sunlight and shade throughout the day. Near a large tree is ideal, as it will provide dappled shade in the summer.

Select neutral colours

Choose a trampoline with neutral, earthy colours that complement your garden’s colour scheme. Greens, browns and greys are perfect for blending into grassy or wooded surroundings. Avoid bright colours which will stand out like a sore thumb. The trampoline padding and netting should also match the trampoline base for the most cohesive look.

Bury the trampoline in the ground

Dig a hole slightly larger than your trampoline and sink it in, leaving just the padded edge showing above ground. This hides most of the trampoline from view while still keeping it safely above the soil. Burying also helps the trampoline sit securely in one place. You’ll need to install a barrier like fencing around the edge to prevent falls.

2. Sunken Patio Trampoline:

in ground trampoline

Create a Multi-functional Space

Sinking your trampoline into the ground allows you to build a patio around it, transforming the area into an inviting multi-functional space for the whole family to enjoy. You could add comfy seating, a fire pit for cool evenings, and outdoor lighting to make the space cosy after dark. The sunken design also helps the trampoline blend into your garden seamlessly.

Safety First

Burying a small or a large 14ft trampoline in the ground does require some safety considerations. You’ll need to install a barrier like fencing or netting around the trampoline to prevent anyone falling into the pit or getting underneath the bounce mat. You should also install a ladder or steps so jumpers can safely get on and off. Anchoring the trampoline to the ground using stakes will help prevent shifting, and you can backfill some of the soil around the edge of the trampoline pit for extra stability.

Lighting and Accessories

Add lighting like path lights, spotlights or string lights around the in ground trampoline area so you can use the space in the evenings. Other accessories could include seating, planters, a fire pit or outdoor toys to make the most of the area. An in ground trampoline surrounded by a patio creates the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining or relaxation in your garden.

3. Starlit Sky Trampoline:

in ground trampoline

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Trampoline

Installing LED strip lights around the edge of your trampoline pads will make it sparkle like the night sky. You can find weatherproof LED options with adhesive backing to stick directly onto the pads. Look for warm white or cool blue lights to create a magical starlight effect. These LEDs are energy efficient, long-lasting and easy to install, so you’ll be jumping under the stars in no time.

Light Up the Night

Adding LED spotlights around the base of the trampoline will illuminate the whole area for after-dark jumping. Purchase weatherproof LED spotlights and install them in the ground around the edge of the trampoline. Aim the spotlights up at an angle to splash light onto the trampoline bed and springs. The spotlights will make the trampoline a focal point in your garden at night.

Safety First

When installing any lighting around a trampoline, take appropriate safety precautions. Ensure all wiring and connections are properly insulated and weatherproofed. Place spotlights out of the main jumping area so jumpers do not land on the lights. LED strip lights should be securely adhered to trampoline pads so there are no loose ends to trip on. Proper lighting installation and weatherproofing helps ensure safe nighttime bouncing and many hours of illuminated fun in your garden.

4. Playground Paradise for Kids

in ground trampoline

Every child dreams of having their very own playground paradise in the garden. An in ground  trampoline surrounded by exciting equipment like swings, climbing frames, and slides will give little ones hours of enjoyment. 

Safety First 

When designing an in ground playground, safety should be the top priority. Choose equipment made from sturdy materials and installed properly according to the instructions. Closely supervise children at play to avoid injuries. You may also want to lay down special safety matting or wood chips around the equipment.

Swinging and Sliding

Attach a swing set with multiple swings and a long slide to the side of the trampoline. Kids will love zooming down the slide and soaring high on the swings. For smaller children, a toddler swing and mini slide are perfect. As an alternative, you could do a rope or tire swing.

Climbing Adventure

An in ground trampoline combined with a climbing frame or jungle gym provides opportunities for jumping, climbing and imaginative play. Look for a wooden or metal climbing frame with ladders, ropes, tunnels and platforms at varying heights. For a themed design, a pirate ship or castle frame brings the playground to life.

By creating different activity zones around an in ground trampoline, you’ll have a playground paradise that children won’t want to leave. Most importantly, always ensure proper safety guidelines are followed to keep little jumpers and climbers secure while having fun. With the right equipment and supervision, the playground can offer hours of enjoyment and memories for years to come.

5. Tranquil Retreat with Water Feature

in ground trampoline

A water feature such as a swimming pool, pond or fountain can transform your trampoline area into a peaceful retreat. The soothing sounds of running water create a calm environment for jumping or relaxation. When planning a water feature near your trampoline, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Leave adequate space between the trampoline and pond or fountain. As a general rule, the water feature should be at least 6 to 8 metres away from the trampoline. 
  • Choose a shallow water depth. Opt for a pond or fountain that is no more than 30 to 60 centimetres deep. 
  • Install protective padding around the water feature. Place thick foam pads, mulch, sand or rubber matting around the edge of the pond or fountain. 
  • Add a fence for an extra safety barrier. A small fence around your water feature creates an effective barrier and also prevents young children or pets from wandering into the water unattended.

By following these useful tips, you can have the best of both worlds – an in ground trampoline and a serene water feature. Your garden will become a peaceful haven for fun and recreation.


With so many innovative and creative options now available, you can design a fun, safe and stylish trampoline area they’ll absolutely love. Whether you want something subtle and natural looking, or an exciting colourful play space, there are fantastic choices to suit your garden size, budget and style. Just make sure to carefully consider safety and always supervise the kids. But with the right pick, you can look forward to many hours of bouncing delight and laughter filling your garden air.

What can I do with ground under my trampoline?
You can utilise the ground under your trampoline for various purposes such as creating a soft landing area with safety mats or installing ground cover to prevent weed growth and facilitate drainage.
How deep should a trampoline be in the ground?
For safety and stability, trampolines should ideally be buried around 2 to 3 feet into the ground, ensuring that the frame is securely anchored and the jumping surface is at a suitable height.
Do in-ground trampolines need drainage?
Yes, proper drainage is crucial for in-ground trampolines to prevent water accumulation, which can damage the equipment and create safety hazards. Installing a drainage system such as French drains or gravel trenches is recommended.
How do you keep weeds from growing under a trampoline?
To prevent weed growth under your trampoline, you can lay down a weed barrier fabric or landscape fabric before installing the trampoline. Additionally, regularly inspect and remove any weeds that may sprout around the perimeter to maintain a clean area.
Can trampolines go on uneven ground?
While trampolines can be installed on slightly uneven ground with proper levelling, significant irregularities in the terrain may compromise safety and stability. It’s advisable to level the ground as much as possible or consider alternative locations to ensure safe usage of the trampoline.