Which Type of Trampoline is Helpful to You? Let’s Discuss!


Trampolining is a great way to get some exercise and have a laugh. But with so many different types of trampolines out there, how do you know which one is right for you and your family?

There are a few options to consider based on what you want to use it for and who will be jumping. They come in a range of sizes from 8 to 16 feet in diameter to suit how much space you have and how many people you want to accommodate.

With the variety of trampolines available, you’re sure to find one suitable for your needs, space and budget. The most important thing is to always follow the safety recommendations for setup and use, especially if children will be enjoying it. Happy jumping!

In this blog, we’ll acknowledge you with different types of trampolines and discuss the qualities and purpose of each so you can decide which option best suits your needs.

Garden Trampolines


Garden trampolines, as the name suggests, are designed for outdoor use in your backyard. Typically 10-16 feet in diameter, these trampolines provide plenty of jumping space for kids and families to enjoy. Their sturdy construction means they can withstand exposure to the elements, so you can keep one set up all summer long.

Fun for All Ages

A garden trampoline isn’t just for kids. People of all ages can have fun bouncing, doing somersaults and flips, or playing games like trampoline basketball. The low-impact, high-energy workout provided by jumping on a trampoline provides an enjoyable form of exercise for both children and adults.

Safety First

As with any trampoline, safety should be the number one priority. Look for a model with safety pads covering the springs, a strong mesh netting around the sides, and a maximum weight limit suitable for the number of jumpers. Establish ground rules for one jumper at a time, no flips or somersaults without proper training, and always have adult supervision, especially for younger kids.

Popular Options

Many garden trampolines come with extras like basketball hoops, sliding pads, and ladder attachments. Look for a model that suits your needs and budget. Round trampolines typically offer the most usable space, while square or rectangular ones can fit better in small yards. For maximum durability, look for a galvanised steel frame and springs.

With the right safety precautions and a quality, size-appropriate model, a garden trampoline can provide hours of entertainment for your whole family. Get bouncing this summer!

Performance Trampolines


Performance trampolines are designed for serious jumping and training. They feature a sturdier build, deeper bounce mat, and higher spring count than recreational trampolines, allowing for more advanced aerial manoeuvres.

Higher Quality

Performance trampolines use premium components to withstand intense use. The spring pads, mat, and frame are made of highly durable materials that won’t deteriorate or become unsafe over time. The springs themselves are also heavy-duty, with some models having over 100 springs for maximum bounce and control.

Deeper Bounce Mat

The bounce mat on a performance trampoline is made of tightly woven mesh that provides a deeper, more responsive bounce than a standard trampoline. The deeper mat, combined with a higher spring count, gives jumpers more lift and hang time to perform complex moves before landing.

Targeted at Athletes

Performance trampolines are ideal for gymnasts, divers, cheerleaders, and other athletes looking to enhance their skills. They provide a safe way to practise aerial tricks and flips that would be dangerous on the ground. For recreational jumpers, a performance trampoline can take the jumping experience to the next level for thrill-seeking bounces and tricks.

In summary, performance trampolines offer a premium build, deeper bounce, and higher spring count targeted at skilled jumpers and athletes. While more expensive, they provide an unparalleled jumping experience for those looking to get serious air or hone their aerial skills. For recreational bouncers, a standard trampoline will likely suit your needs while saving you some cash. But if you’ve got a budding gymnast or aspiring circus performer in your home, a performance trampoline is the way to go.

Fitness Trampolines


Trampolining provides an excellent cardiovascular workout due to the energy required to bounce on the trampoline mat. Studies show just 10 minutes of moderate bouncing can provide the same cardiovascular benefits as a 30-minute run. You’ll also experience reduced joint tension from trampolining’s low-impact nature.

Tone Your Muscles

The constant bouncing required for trampolining helps tone your leg muscles, core and glutes. The instability of the trampoline surface also means your body has to work harder to balance, helping improve your proprioception and engage more muscle fibres.

Burn Calories

A 150-pound person can burn over 400 calories per hour jumping on a trampoline. The high intensity of trampolining means you can torch calories in a fun way. Start slowly and build up the intensity and duration of your sessions as your fitness improves.

Provides an Enjoyable Workout

For many, trampolining evokes happy childhood memories. Using a fitness trampoline can make exercise enjoyable rather than a chore. The bouncy, low-impact nature provides an almost playground-like experience for adults. Put on some music and bounce away!

Trampolining offers a highly effective way to workout at home without expensive equipment. For the price of a basic fitness trampoline, you can get an enjoyable piece of equipment that provides an excellent cardio and strength workout for years to come. Add a fitness trampoline to your daily routine and bounce your way to better health.

Commercial Trampolines


Commercial trampolines are typically much larger, up to 20 feet in diameter, and built to handle frequent, high-impact use. The frames are made of galvanised steel and the mats are reinforced for durability. Springs are also heavier gauge to support the forces generated by multiple jumpers.

Safety Standards

All commercial trampolines must meet strict safety standards to minimise the risk of injury. Safety pads cover the springs and frame, and mesh netting surrounds the trampoline to prevent jumpers from falling off. Operators must also follow guidelines for maximum jumpers, weight limits, and enforced rules like “no somersaults”. Proper signage should advise users of the rules and warn of the risks of trampolining.

Popular at Parks and Events

Commercial trampolines are popular attractions at amusement parks, fairs, and events. Trampoline parks have also become popular, with multiple connected trampolines and other activities like foam pits, basketball hoops, and trampoline dodgeball. The large trampolines, safety equipment, and operator oversight help ensure users of all skill levels can enjoy the experience.

Whether at a park, event or trampoline park, commercial trampolines offer big bouncing fun when properly maintained and operated. Following the recommended safety standards helps provide an exhilarating experience for all. If you get the chance to visit a trampoline park, go for it! But be sure to follow the rules, start slowly, and have a blast bouncing to your heart’s content.

Bespoke Trampolines


Bespoke trampolines are custom-made to your exact specifications. When you choose a bespoke model, the options for customisation are endless. You can select the size, shape, and safety features to suit your needs.

Size and Shape

Do you want a large rectangular trampoline for the whole family or a small round one for your little ones? Bespoke trampolines come in a range of sizes from 6ft to an enormous 50ft with a diameter of up to 20 ft for round trampolines. You can also choose an oval, square or hexagonal shape. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Safety Features

You can spec up your bespoke trampoline with high-performance safety pads, mesh netting, weather covers, ladders, anchor kits and more. Premium padding provides maximum protection, while netting contains jumpers and prevents falls. Covers and anchor kits increase longevity and stability.

High Quality

Bespoke trampolines are crafted from the highest quality materials for unparalleled performance, durability and safety. Galvanised steel frames won’t rust or corrode, while tightly coiled springs provide an ultra-responsive bounce. UV-resistant jumping mats and safety pads withstand years of outdoor use.


When looking to buy, consider which features are most important for your needs. Do you want something just for fun in the garden for the kids? Or are you an aspiring gymnast looking to practise tricks and flips? Whichever trampoline you choose, make sure to follow safety guidelines so the whole family can bounce safely. And don’t forget to have fun! Bouncing is a great way to get active and enjoy quality time together. We’d love to hear which trampoline you decide on – let us know in the comments!

What types of trampolines are available?
There are several types including round, rectangular, spring-free, and fitness trampolines, each serving different needs and preferences.
How do I choose the right size trampoline?
Consider the space available, the age and number of users, and the primary activity (e.g., fitness, recreation, competitive training).
Are spring-free trampolines safer than traditional ones?
Spring-free trampolines eliminate the risk of injuries from springs, making them a safer option, though all trampoline types require safety measures.
What is the difference in the bounce between round and rectangular trampolines?
Yes, a rectangular trampoline provides a more powerful bounce and is preferred for gymnastics and athletic training, while round trampolines offer a controlled bounce and are more suited for recreational and home use.
What safety features should I look for in a trampoline?
Look for trampolines with safety enclosures, padded spring covers, and sturdy frames. Also, check for certifications from safety standards organisations.