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Best Outdoor Decoration Christmas Ideas for your Home

christmas party trampoline

The UK really knows how to celebrate Christmas. The festive season is embraced nationwide, from Oxford Street lights to Edinburgh markets. 


Why should the fun be confined indoors when a whole outdoor space is waiting to be decked out in tinsel and lights? This year, make the most of your garden and turn it into a winter wonderland with simple but effective decorating ideas. Whether you go all out with a life-size inflatable Santa or keep it classic with some tasteful string lights, an outdoor decoration christmas makeover will surely spread joy to all who pass by.


By decorating the exterior of your home, you create an open invitation for friends and neighbours to share in the merriment. Build community spirit through small acts of kindness and beauty. After a challenging year, we all need light, joy and togetherness. The perfect outdoor decor can help set the mood for a season of hope and cheer.


In this article, we’re talking about fun ways to make your UK home look Christmassy outside. We’ve got fantastic ideas like putting twinkly lights on your walls, making your porch super welcoming with festive doormats and swags, and even making your trampoline all Christmassy! So, let’s get creative and spread some holiday cheer in your garden!

Outdoor Walls Decorations for Christmas

christmas party trampoline

Fairy lights and garlands are a magical way to decorate outdoor walls and spaces. Wrapping them around railings, trees, bushes, or other structures creates an enchanting glow. Opt for warm white lights for a cosy feel, or mix in some colour for extra cheer.


  • Wreaths and banners are timeless classics that never go out of style. Hang a festive wreath on your walls to welcome visitors. Look for ones with messages like ‘Joy’, ‘Peace’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ to spread the holiday spirit.


  • For a modern touch, use projection lights or illuminated artwork. Project colourful Christmas scenes, snowflakes or your company logo onto outdoor walls, pathways or the ground. 3D or holographic displays take it to the next level. 


  • You can also have custom designs printed onto weather-resistant fabric or acrylic sheets and backlight them for an eye-catching glow.

With so many options for outdoor decoration christmas, you’re sure to find something perfect for your style and space. Get creative by mixing and matching different elements to make your outdoor area shine bright all season. Your home will be the envy of the neighbourhood in no time!

Porch Decorations for the Garden

christmas party trampoline

Welcoming your guests during the holiday season starts at the front door. Dress up your porch with festive decorations to set the mood and make a great first impression.


Festive Doormats and Welcoming Signs

A cheery doormat and welcome sign wish your visitors a “Merry Christmas” as soon as they arrive. Look for mats and signs featuring classic holiday greetings, images like Christmas trees, or a fun pun. 


Swags on the Door

A gorgeous swag on your front door creates a grand entrance for your home during the holidays. Choose from traditional eucalyptus swags or more unique options like succulent wreaths. Add accents like berries, pine cones, or a big red bow. Wrap string lights or tinsel around the wreath for the perfect finishing touch.


Outdoor Seating with Holiday Cushions and Throws

Make your outdoor space extra cosy for the holidays with festive cushions, throws and pillows. Look for patterns featuring Christmas trees, candy canes, reindeer or snowflakes. 


Plush red, green and white fabrics help complete the classic Christmas colour scheme. Your guests will love curling up on the porch with hot cocoa and enjoying the holiday cheer.

Tree Decoration for the Night

christmas party trampoline

Decorating the trees in your garden for Christmas is a great way to spread the holiday cheer to your outdoor space.


Traditional Outdoor Christmas Tree Magic

Wrap string lights or garlands around your trees and shrubs for a classic look. Add shiny ornaments, like balls, beads and tinsel, for a festive touch. Top it off with an illuminated star or angel. This combination creates a magical winter wonderland in your garden.


DIY Tree Decorations Using Natural Elements

Get creative with natural materials from your garden. Wrap pine cones, berries, cinnamon sticks and dried oranges in string lights or ribbon and hang them from tree branches. Weave twine or jute through tree foliage to make a web, then attach the natural elements. The aromatic, rustic decorations are a perfect complement for evergreen trees.


Illuminated Trees: Creating a Magical Ambiance in Your Garden


For a colourful glow, use icicle lights for a dripping effect or net lights for even coverage. Adding a tree topper like a star further highlights the focal point. The soft, twinkling illumination transforms trees into natural candlesticks, creating an ambient atmosphere in your outdoor space after dark.

Garden Decorations for Christmas

christmas party trampoline

Line your garden paths or walkways with strings of lights or lanterns to guide visitors and spread holiday cheer. Solar-powered pathway lights are an eco-friendly option that won’t require wiring. 


  • Look for lights in fun holiday shapes like candy canes, stockings or wreaths. Lanterns containing battery-powered candles or LED lights are another way to brighten paths and entrances.


  • Group several lanterns together along with potted evergreen plants or outdoor sculptures for an inviting display.


  • Make your own lanterns using mason jars, tin cans or paper bags. Add a handle, cut out some festive designs and place a light source inside. This homemade touch will make your outdoor decor even more special. 

Pathway lighting helps set the mood and builds anticipation as guests approach your front door. Guiding them to your home in this warm and welcoming way is a thoughtful touch that embodies the joy of the Christmas season.

Decorating Your Trampoline

christmas party trampoline

Decorating your Trampoline for the holidays is an easy way to spread extra Christmas cheer in your garden.


Once you have a trampoline set up, you’ll want to gather some supplies to give it a festive look. Buy a few strands of outdoor string lights, wreaths, garlands and ornaments to decorate the safety netting and springs. You can find many of these items at your local home improvement store or craft shop.


To decorate your Trampoline-


  • Start by wrapping string lights around the edge of the trampoline safety netting and securing them with twist ties or zip ties. 


  • Next, hang a large wreath on each side of the entrance to the Trampoline using sturdy wire or rope. Attach garlands around the outer edge of the trampoline mat and drape them in swirling patterns across the netting.


  • Finally, hang shiny ornaments, tinsel, beads or small stuffed animals on the netting, garlands and wreaths. You can also place potted poinsettias, lit-up gift boxes or small Christmas trees around the base of the Trampoline.


If you don’t have a trampoline, you can buy one. Trampoline promotes outdoor activities involving jumping and manoeuvring, which are beneficial for joints and health. 

To buy the right Trampoline, you should also know the different sizes it comes in, which is again dependent on the requirements and size of your garden. Let’s see some of the popular sizes you can opt for. 


10ft Trampoline 

A 10ft trampoline is well-suited for individuals with limited outdoor space. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for smaller gardens or yards. Those seeking a trampoline for individual use or younger jumpers often prefer this size, providing a safe and enjoyable bouncing experience.


12ft Trampoline 

Moving up in size to a 12ft trampoline offers a balance between space requirements and a larger jumping area. This size caters to families with moderate outdoor spaces. It provides more room for multiple users, making it suitable for children and adults.


14ft Trampoline 


For those with spacious outdoor areas and a desire for an expansive bouncing surface, a 14ft trampoline may be the optimal choice. This size is ideal for larger families or individuals who relish the freedom of an ample jumping area. The 14ft trampoline allows for increased manoeuvrability and is particularly suitable for those interested in more advanced jumping and acrobatic activities.

Showcasing Local Traditions

christmas party trampoline

Including familiar items from British culture in your outdoor decoration christmas will create a warm nostalgia for the season. And supporting local businesses that produce traditional decorations or foods is a great way to boost your community. You can include things like:



Another plant strongly associated with British Christmas tradition. Hang small sprigs of mistletoe from tree branches in your garden so any passers-by following the custom can share a kiss underneath!


Christmas crackers

Place a few Christmas crackers on your garden table or string them up to add a pop of colour. The small gifts and paper crowns inside are always a delight.


Christmas pudding

A flaming Christmas pudding is a treat on any table. Set a small Christmas pudding alight in your garden for a few seconds to thrill guests before enjoying a slice. Take proper safety precautions to avoid fire risk!


Celebrating timeless local traditions and artisanal crafts will make for a display authentically reflecting the UK’s festive heritage.


You’ve now got some fantastic inspiration and ideas to make your outdoor space look wonderfully festive this Christmas. With a bit of time and creativity, you can decorate your garden in a way that spreads some seasonal cheer to all who pass by. So get out there – string up those lights, place that wreath, fill a pot with pine cones or baubles. And don’t forget to take a step back and admire your hardwork once it’s done. Your decorated garden is sure to make you smile each time you see it and will get you well and truly into the Christmas spirit. Now all that’s left to do is invite some friends or family round to enjoy your new winter wonderland!

Adorn your garden for Christmas with festive lights, wreaths, and outdoor ornaments. Consider adding illuminated displays, pathway lights, and seasonal planters for a cheerful and welcoming holiday atmosphere.

Christmas 2023 trends include sustainable and DIY decorations, incorporating natural elements like dried florals and wooden ornaments. Themes may range from nostalgic and traditional to modern, reflecting personal styles and eco-friendly choices.

Opt for weather-resistant LED lights for the best outdoor Christmas display. Choose warm or cool white hues for a classic look, or go for multi-coloured options for a vibrant and festive ambiance. Consider solar-powered lights for energy efficiency.

Style a Christmas tree by starting with lights, then adding ornaments and garlands. Consider a theme or colour scheme for a cohesive look. Top the tree with a star or angel, and finish with a tree skirt. Fluff branches for a fuller appearance.

Enhance the visual appeal of your trampoline by adding colourful safety pads, selecting a vibrant trampoline mat, or incorporating decorative netting. Consider surrounding it with fairy lights or outdoor-friendly decorations to create an inviting and festive space.

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