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Trampoline Parties: Tips for Hosting the Best Bounce Bash

Ever wanted to throw an epic trampoline party but worried about how to pull it off? Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered. Hosting a trampoline party is easier than you think if you follow a few simple tips. You’ll be the most popular parent on the block and the talk of the playground if you throw an unforgettable bounce bash. All you need is a trampoline, some tunes, snacks, friends and our helpful advice. Get ready to become a trampoline party planning pro and make memories that will last way longer than a standard birthday cake.

Trampoline Parties supertramp

Trampoline Party Rules and Regulations

To have a trampoline party that’s fun and safe for all, there are a few rules you’ll want to put in place.

Age restrictions

For safety, limit the party to children of similar ages, sizes and skill levels. Close supervision is a must, especially for younger children and beginners.

One at a time

Only one child should be allowed on the trampoline at a time, this encourage safety. This avoids collisions and prevents smaller children from getting bounced around by bigger children. Take turns and set a maximum time limit for each child’s turn.

No flips or somersaults

Unless you have a properly installed safety net enclosure, leave the fancy tricks to the professionals. Simple jumping only – no flips, somersaults or rough play.

Proper attire

Require padded clothing, grippy socks and nothing loose or dangling that could cause injury. Long hair should be tied and jewellery should be removed.

Adult supervision

Have multiple adults actively supervising at all times. Enforce the rules, watch out for any unsafe behaviour and make sure smaller children have help getting on and off the trampoline.

By putting some basic safety guidelines in place and closely monitoring the action, you’ll ensure all the children have a fun and memorable bouncing bash. What are you waiting for? Get this party started!

Fun for All Ages: Trampoline Games and Activities

Fun for All Ages supertramp trampoline

Trampolines are for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens and beyond. Here are some games and activities that will make your trampoline party fun for guests of any age.

  • Free Jump: This classic trampoline activity called Free Jump never gets old. Let guests bounce around and do their own flips and tricks. Spotters should always be present for safety, especially for younger or inexperienced jumpers.
  • Soft Play: For little ones, set up a soft play area next to the trampoline with foam pits, foam shapes, tunnels and more. This gives small children their own space to bounce and tumble without worrying about bigger children jumping around them.
  • Dodgeball: This fun game works great on a trampoline. Use soft foam balls for safety and have players try to hit others below the waist to get them out. Last player standing wins! Make sure spotters are present to avoid collisions.
  • Basketball: Attach a basketball hoop to the trampoline enclosure netting for an exciting bouncing game of hoops. Lower the hoop for younger children and raise it higher for teens. Use a foam basketball for safety.

With some games, activities and safety precautions in place, trampoline parties can be fun for all ages. Bouncing around with friends and trying new tricks will create memories that will last long after the party ends. Most of all, keep things lighthearted—because trampolines are all about fun!

Trampoline Party Food and Drink Ideas

Trampoline Party Food and Drink Ideas - supertramp trampoline

A trampoline party isn’t complete without some snacks and drinks to keep the jumpers fueled. Here are some child-friendly food and beverage ideas to serve at your bounce bash.

Pizza and sandwiches

What child doesn’t love pizza and sandwiches? Have guests make their own mini pizzas or sandwiches. Provide English muffins, bagels or burger buns along with sauce, cheese and favourite toppings. This interactive snack is always a hit.


Offer fresh or frozen fruit like berries, grapes, oranges and bananas. Fruit provides natural energy and antioxidants. Set up a fruit salad, fruit kebabs or have guests make their own fruit smoothies.


Although not always a favourite, veggies with dip are a healthy choice. Carrot, celery and cucumber sticks pair well with ranch dressing, hummus or guacamole.

Cookies and bars

For a sweet treat, bake cookies, rice krispie treats, granola bars or blondies. Portion into small, bite-sized pieces so they’re easy to grab and go.

Juice boxes and bottled water

Keep children hydrated with juice boxes, bottled water, sports drinks or punch. Avoid anything too sugary that may cause a sugar crash. Replenishing fluids is key for active bouncing.A variety of snacks, both healthy and indulgent, along with plenty of drinks will keep your little jumpers bouncing, laughing and making memories at your epic trampoline party. Be sure to also ask about any food allergies in the trampoline party invitations so you can provide appropriate alternatives. Most of all, keep the snacks simple so you too can enjoy this fun-filled event!

Trampoline Party Favors and Decorations

Trampoline Party Favors and Decorations supertramp trampoline

Decorations and favours are a must for any trampoline party. Here are some tips to make your bounce bash extra fun:


Balloons are a classic party decoration. Tie balloons to the safety netting around the trampoline or the fences. Spell out the birthday child’s name or age for an extra special touch. Have the children bat around some balloons while they jump for an amusing game.


Streamers, banners and pennants create a festive atmosphere. Attach them to any nearby structures like trees, fences or patio furniture. For the trampoline, securely tie streamers to the safety netting or springs in advance of the party.

Glow Sticks

Once night falls, turn on some music and hand out glow sticks or glow in the dark jewellery. The children will have a blast bouncing around and watching the glow sticks light up the darkness.


Bubbles are always a hit with children and trampolines. Have the party guests take turns bouncing while the other children blow bubbles around them. Giggle-inducing fun for all!


Don’t forget to send each party guest home with a little token of your appreciation for coming. Some trampoline-themed favour ideas include:

• Temporary tattoos – trampoline or bounce-themed temporary tats are perfect.

• Silly straws – crazy straws that can double as bubble blowers.

• Stickers – trampoline, bounce or “jump for joy” themed stickers.

With some fun decorations, games and favours, your trampoline party is sure to be a bouncing success! Add in pizza, cake, and a movie for the perfect party.

Capturing the Moments

Capturing the Moments supertramp trampoline

Capturing all the fun memories from the party is a must. Here are some tips to ensure you get plenty of photos and videos of the children bouncing off the walls (literally!).

Designate a photographer

Ask a friend or family member to be in charge of taking photos and videos during the party. Provide them a list of must-have shots you want to capture like:

  • Children going down the slide
  • Mid-air jumps and tricks
  • Group shots of all the party guests
  • Birthday child opening presents
  • Blowing out candles on the cake

Get the children involved

Have the party guests take turns being the photographer. Children will love taking silly selfies and action shots of their friends. Just be sure to provide easy-to-use cameras that can withstand drops and splashes. Review and edit the photos after to find the best ones.

Photo booth props

Set up a photo booth area with fun props like silly glasses, hats, boas, signs and anything else that matches your party theme. The children will have a blast posing for photos with their friends.

Share and enjoy

Share the photos and videos with all the party guests after the event. Children will surely relive the fun memories of their time bouncing off the walls. Years from now, the photos and videos will transport you back to the joy and laughter of that special trampoline birthday bash.


So there you have it, by following these tips you’ll be on your way to hosting an epic trampoline party that all the children will be talking about for weeks to come. Between choosing the right theme, sorting out the music, getting the right snacks to keep the energy up and making sure safety is a top priority, you’ll have all the ingredients for a bouncing good time. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun yourself – get in on the action, show off your best moves and enjoy watching the little jumpers laugh and squeal with delight. After all the planning and preparation, you deserve to have a blast too. With the perfect mix of chaos and control, a trampoline party done right will create memories that last far longer than any single bounce. Now get jumping! The countdown to your legendary trampoline bash has begun.

What to do on a trampoline when you’re bored?
There are several fun activities to do on a trampoline when boredom strikes. You can try practicing different jumps, flips, or even create a simple routine. Adding music can make it more entertaining.
Do heavier people bounce higher on a trampoline?
The bounce on a trampoline is primarily influenced by the tension of the springs and the force exerted by the person jumping. Weight alone doesn’t necessarily determine the height of the bounce.
Why should children under 6 not use trampolines?
Trampolines can pose safety risks for young children due to their developing coordination and balance.
Do children with autism like trampolines?
Sensory activities like bouncing on a trampoline can be enjoyable for some children with autism. The repetitive motion provides sensory input, which can be calming and regulating for them.
Does wetting a trampoline make it bouncier?
Wetting a trampoline can make it more slippery and potentially more dangerous. It doesn’t necessarily make it bouncier; instead, it increases the risk of slipping and falling.

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