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Strong Reason to Choose a Bespoke Trampoline Over a Standard One

bespoke trampoline

You’ve got space in your garden for a trampoline, but are you going for a standard round one or getting a custom made bespoke trampoline? It is a more significant decision than you might imagine. It’s known that readymade options seem simpler, but there are some solid reasons why you should consider a bespoke trampoline for your garden. 

In this blog, we will give you a clear idea of the main benefits you get when you choose bespoke over basic when buying a trampoline, helping you decide what’s best for your home.

What is a Bespoke Trampoline?

bespoke trampoline

A bespoke trampoline is a custom-made trampoline designed to your exact specifications. Unlike a standard trampoline, a bespoke trampoline is made according to your needs and the available space in your garden.

Size and Shape

Do you have an awkwardly shaped garden space you want to utilise? A bespoke trampoline can be made to fit. The main advantage of a bespoke trampoline is that you can choose whatever size and shape you want. Perhaps you want an oval, circular or rectangular trampoline. The choice is yours. Bespoke trampolines can also be made wider or longer than standard sizes.

Premium Quality Materials

Bespoke trampolines use the highest quality materials to ensure maximum safety, durability and performance. All materials are designed to withstand many years of outdoor use and extreme weather.

  • The springs are made of premium galvanised steel to prevent rusting. 
  • The safety pads are thick, UV-resistant and securely attached to the frame.
  •  The mesh is tightly woven for maximum bounce yet still breathable. 

Added Extras

With a bespoke trampoline, you can also specify any added extras you want, like:

  • Weather covers to protect the trampoline when not in use.
  • Anchor kits to securely fix the trampoline in windy areas.
  • Ladders, steps and handlebars for easy access on and off the trampoline.

Peace of Mind

Ordering a bespoke trampoline from a reputable manufacturer will give you peace of mind knowing it has been made to the highest safety standards. Your trampoline will come with a comprehensive guarantee and all required test certificates which follow the RoSPA Guidelines. You can also request additional safety features like extra secure netting, padding and non-slip surfaces.

While a bespoke trampoline may cost a little more, you are making an investment in a high-quality product that will provide years of enjoyment and stand up well to frequent use. The safety, durability and customisation options make a bespoke trampoline well worth the investment.

Safety and Quality

bespoke trampoline

Bespoke trampolines are designed with safety and quality in mind. They come with key features to minimise risk of injury for users of all ages and skill levels.

  • Safety pads cover the springs and frame so jumpers can’t come into contact with any hard or sharp edges. Thicker pads provide more protection.
  • Safety nets surround the trampoline to prevent falls from the trampoline. Look for nets with smaller mesh and secure netting that attaches directly to the trampoline pads for maximum safety.
  • Reinforced, heavy-gauge steel frames and galvanised steel springs are durable and long-lasting. They are less likely to corrode, break or become damaged over time with regular use.
  • UV-resistant and weather-proof materials are used so the trampoline lasts longer when placed outdoors.
  • Maximum user weight limits for each trampoline size guide you to choose an appropriately sized trampoline for the number and size of intended users. This reduces the risk of overloading the trampoline.

Compare this to standard trampolines which typically use lower quality materials and lack comprehensive safety features like protective padding, safety nets and maximum weight limits. They may seem more budget-friendly upfront but need replacing more often due to damage or breakage.

Personalised Design

bespoke trampoline

One of the best reasons to choose a bespoke trampoline over a standard model is the ability to customise the design to your tastes and needs. With a bespoke trampoline, you have free reign over factors like:

  • Size: Do you want a small 6ft trampoline for your children or a huge 14ft one for the whole family? Bespoke means you can select your ideal dimensions.
  • Shape: Tired of the standard circular shape? Bespoke trampolines can be made square, rectangular or oval to suit your space.
  • Colour: Choose from a variety of colour options or provide your own custom colour scheme to match your home’s exterior or your child’s favourite colours.
  • Safety padding: Select the thickness and colour of the safety padding that encircles the trampoline. Thicker padding provides more protection but some prefer the sleeker look of thinner padding.

Enhanced Durability

bespoke trampoline

Standard trampolines are mass produced using cheaper materials that deteriorate more quickly. Their frames can become rusty and netting and padding can fade, tear or become damaged within a few years of outdoor use. In contrast, bespoke trampolines are constructed using galvanised steel frames and ultraviolet (UV)-resistant netting and padding. The galvanised steel is coated to prevent rusting and corrosion. The UV-resistant materials are treated to withstand extended sun exposure without breaking down.

As a long-term investment, a bespoke trampoline will save you money. Although the initial cost may be higher, a bespoke trampoline can last up to 3 times longer than a standard one. You won’t need to replace parts or the entire trampoline as frequently. Bespoke trampolines also hold their value well if you ever want to sell. The high quality and customization make them appealing to other buyers.

Some other signs of a durable bespoke trampoline are:

  • Thicker gauge steel for the frame, springs and netting 
  • Marine-grade or stainless steel components 
  • Double or triple stitched, tightly woven netting 
  • Thicker, high-density foam or polyethylene padding 
  • Weather-resistant canvas or durable mesh skirt between the jumping mat and netting 
  • Rust-proof aluminium or stainless steel hardware

Tailored for Space

A bespoke trampoline offers much more flexibility in size and shape to suit your available space. Whether you have a small urban garden, an indoor play area or a large country garden, a custom trampoline can be made to measure.

Size options

  • Standard circular trampolines typically range from 8ft to 16ft in diameter. A bespoke design allows you to choose any size within this range, or even go smaller or larger. An oval or square shape may also fit better in your space.
  • For indoor use, a mini trampoline with a diameter of 6 ft or less is ideal. A bespoke model can be made specifically for indoor safety and low ceilings.

Unique shapes

  • If you have an awkwardly shaped space, an irregular hexagon, octagon or other shape can be constructed to maximise the jumping area.
  • For gardens with limited space, a wall-to-wall trampoline that is literally built into the available space may be an option. The frame can be tailored around existing walls, fences and obstacles.

Added extras

  • Safety enclosures, ladders, anchor kits and other accessories can also be custom designed for your trampoline.
  • For commercial use, additional reinforcements or padding may be required. A bespoke model can incorporate all necessary safety features to meet regulations.

By choosing a bespoke trampoline, you have the flexibility to design a model that is especially made for your space, needs and budget. Whatever shape, size or features you require, a custom design can provide a precision-fit solution so you can get the most out of your jumping experience.

Customised Features for Users

bespoke trampoline

When choosing a bespoke trampoline over a standard model, you’ll have the opportunity to customise many aspects of the design to suit your needs and enhance safety.


Standard trampolines typically come with basic padding that covers just the springs, but bespoke models allow you to choose thicker, high-quality padding that wraps around the entire edge of the mat. This helps prevent injuries from falls or collisions into the side netting or poles. For children or beginners, maximum padding is recommended.

Enclosure Netting

Bespoke trampolines give you options for the height, mesh size, and pole padding for the safety enclosure netting. A higher net, smaller mesh, and padded poles will provide the most protection, especially for smaller jumpers. The netting should be tightly woven for maximum safety, with mesh no larger than 1 inch. For recreational or competitive use, a high net is advised to contain even the highest jumps.

Trampoline Bed

With a bespoke trampoline, you can choose the bed thickness, shape, and number of springs to suit different ages, weights, and skill levels. A thicker, more rigid mat and higher spring count will give better bounce for lighter jumpers. Oval or square mats provide more usable jumping space than round. Springs should be closely spaced, no more than 6 to 8 inches apart.


Bespoke trampolines offer a range of accessories to enhance your experience, like basketball hoops, volleyball nets, exercise handlebars, and anchor kits. Basketball and volleyball transform your trampoline into an exciting new game. Handlebars provide support for mastering flips and twists. Anchors securely fix your trampoline to the ground.


So there you have it – several strong reasons why investing in a bespoke trampoline can be well worth the extra cost over a standard model. With the ability to customise it exactly to your garden size and shape, select premium quality materials built to last, and incorporate useful accessories that suit your family’s interests, you’ll maximise longevity and safety. Just make sure to do your research to find a reputable bespoke trampoline maker who can bring your vision to life within budget. Your unique bespoke trampoline is sure to provide many years of healthy outdoor fun and give your children and their friends lasting memories in your garden.

What is a Bespoke Trampoline?
A bespoke trampoline is a custom-made trampoline designed to fit your specific requirements and garden space.
Why choose a Bespoke Trampoline over a Standard One?
Bespoke trampolines offer customisation in size, shape, and materials, ensuring enhanced safety and durability. Extras like safety nets and weather covers provide added security.
How are Bespoke Trampolines Built for Durability?
They use high-quality, weather-resistant materials like galvanised steel frames and UV-resistant netting, lasting up to three times longer than standard trampolines.
Can a Bespoke Trampoline be Tailored for Specific Spaces?
Yes, they offer flexibility in size and shape, suitable for small gardens, indoor spaces, or unique areas. Customised options include safety enclosures, ladders, and anchor kits.
What Customised Features Can I Choose for a Bespoke Trampoline?
Options include choosing padding thickness and colour, height and mesh size of enclosure netting, trampoline bed thickness and shape, and additional accessories like basketball hoops and exercise handlebars. Customisation enhances the user experience for safety and enjoyment.

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