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Discover 7 Surprising Ways to Transform Your Old Trampoline to New

Do you once have a trampoline that now became an old junk in your garden, don’t rush to throw it away. Instead, consider transforming it into something unique and useful. A little technique and creative spirit can give your old trampoline a new life. 

This guide will give you 7 ways to transform your old trampoline. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, a DIY lover, or just looking for some creative fun, these ideas are designed to be user-friendly, practical, and super engaging. 

In this blog, we will learn creative ways to transform your old trampoline into something productive that adds value to your home.

1: Transform it into a Garden Trellis


One of the fantastic ways to give your old trampoline a new life is with a garden trellis. The sturdy frame of the trampoline provides an ideal structure for supporting climbing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, or flowering vines. By removing the trampoline part like the mat and springs, you have an open framework that allows plants to breathe and look aesthetic in your garden. This transformation will not only breathe new life into your trampoline but also add a touch of rustic & aesthetic charm to your garden.

Step-by-Step Guide: Here’s how you can do it. 

  • First, remove the bouncing mat and the safety padding. You’ll be using the round trampoline metal frame. 
  • Place it vertically in a chosen spot in your garden – against a wall or free-standing. Secure it firmly into the ground.
  • Now, select your climbing plants. Whether you choose flowering vines like clematis or practical climbers like beans and peas, your garden trellis is ready to support them.

2: Create a DIY Swing Bed


Imagine lounging in your garden on a lazy afternoon, gently swaying in a cosy swing bed made from your old trampoline. By reusing the frame of the trampoline, you can create a relaxing outdoor retreat. 

Step-by-Step Guide: Here’s how you can do it. 

  • To create a DIY swing bed, remove the trampoline mat and springs, leaving the sturdy frame intact. 
  • Next, add a wooden platform or construct a base within the frame as the bed’s foundation. 
  • Decorate the swing bed with plush cushions, pillows, and a canopy to enhance its comfort and visual appeal.
  • Once the swing bed is securely installed in your preferred outdoor spot, you can enjoy moments of relaxation and tranquillity while gently swaying in the breeze. 

This project allows you to transform an unused old trampoline into a charming and functional addition to your garden. Crafting a swing bed from a trampoline not only breathes new life into the item but also provides an opportunity to unleash your creativity and woodworking skills.

3: Turn it into a Chicken Coop


Who would have thought that your old trampoline could be reborn as a cosy, secure home for chickens? This transformation is not just about giving your trampoline a new purpose but also about welcoming new feathered friends into your life. The benefits of having chickens are numerous – fresh eggs, natural pest control, and the sheer joy of their quirky presence in your garden

To transform the trampoline into a chicken coop:

  • Remove the trampoline mat and springs, leaving the sturdy frame intact. 
  • Customise the coop by adding a wooden or wire mesh enclosure to the frame, ensuring it is predator-proof and well-ventilated.
  • Make a hinged door for easy access and a nesting area for your chickens to lay their eggs. 
  • Enhance the coop with perches, roosts, and nesting boxes to accommodate your feathered companions. 

Turning your old trampoline into a chicken coop promotes sustainability and offers a practical and cost-effective solution for housing poultry. It also allows you to engage in a rewarding DIY project that benefits both your household and the environment. 

4: Make a Hanging Daybed


Transforming your old trampoline into a hanging daybed offers a delightful and innovative way to repurpose this familiar garden fixture. By repurposing the circular frame of the trampoline, you can create a charming and relaxing outdoor retreat. 

To craft a hanging daybed:

  • Remove the trampoline mat and springs, leaving the sturdy frame intact. 
  • Suspend the frame from a sturdy overhead structure, such as a pergola or tree branch, using durable ropes or chains.
  • Adorn the daybed with a comfortable mattress, cushions, and decorative fabric to transform it into a luxurious and inviting spot for relaxation. 

Turning your old trampoline into a hanging daybed is a fantastic project. It’s a chance to get creative, work with your hands, and end up with a cosy spot to relax in your garden, soaking up vitamin D and surrounded by nature’s beauty.

5: Convert it into a Greenhouse


Converting your old trampoline into a greenhouse is a fantastic and resourceful project. It involves converting the trampoline’s structure into a protective space for plants, creating both a practical and visually appealing greenhouse. This approach not only recycles the trampoline but also offers a fresh and exciting way to grow your favourite plants in your garden only.

Step-by-Step Guide 

Turning your trampoline into a greenhouse involves some simple but creative steps.

  • Creating the Structure: Use the frame as the base of your greenhouse. You can either place it vertically or horizontally, depending on the space available and your preference.
  • Covering: Cover the frame with clear plastic sheeting for greenhouse film. Ensure it’s tight and secure to create a stable environment for your plants.
  • Door Installation: Install a zipper door or create an opening in the plastic for easy access to your plants.
  • Ventilation: Ensure there is adequate ventilation for the plants. You can create vents by leaving small openings in the plastic sheet.
  • Interior Setup: Inside, set up shelves or hanging baskets for your plants, considering the amount of light and space each plant species requires.

Creating a greenhouse from an old trampoline is a fantastic way to contribute to a greener planet while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, this project opens up a world of possibilities for growing your own plants and vegetables. 

6: Craft a DIY Outdoor Movie Theater


Transforming your old trampoline into an outdoor movie screen is like bringing Hollywood to your garden! This creative project is not only a fantastic way to repurpose your trampoline but also creates a wonderful space for family and friends to gather and enjoy cinema under the stars.

Short Guide 

  • Firstly, remove the trampoline’s fabric and springs, leaving the round metal frame. 
  • Stretch a white tarp or special projection screen fabric across the frame, securing it tightly for a smooth surface.
  • For stability, make sure the frame is well-supported. 
  • Place your new screen in a dark area of your garden for the best viewing experience, add some comfy seating, blankets, and maybe even a snack station for the full movie night experience

Enjoy the movie nights under the stars or use it as a backdrop for a garden party. This creative reuse extends the life of your trampoline while providing memorable entertainment for your loved ones.

7: Repurpose for Exercise and Fitness


For those who love staying fit and active, and have already used trampoline for fitness, transforming your old trampoline into an exercise station is a genius way to keep up with your fitness routine right at home. By creatively utilising the frame, you can set up a personalised gym that caters to a variety of workouts.

Here’s how you can turn your trampoline into a fitness hub:

  • Frame Utilisation: Start by removing the mat and springs from your trampoline, leaving the sturdy frame as the base of your new workout station.
  • Adding Equipment: Attach different types of exercise equipment to the frame. Resistance bands are great for strength training and flexibility exercises. Suspension straps can be used for a full-body workout, enhancing core strength and balance. A pull-up bar can be added for upper-body strength exercises.
  • Customising Your Space: Arrange these elements in a way that suits your workout routine. Ensure there is enough space for movement and that each piece of equipment is securely attached.
  • Safety Measures: Check the stability of the frame and the safety of all attachments. It’s important to ensure everything is secure to prevent accidents during your workout.
  • Flooring Consideration: Consider adding suitable flooring like rubber mats or soft turf to reduce the impact on your joints during exercises.

This repurposing allows you to maintain your health and fitness without the need for expensive gym memberships or new exercise equipment.


Now that we’ve explored these exciting trampoline transformations, it’s your turn to dive into the world of creative projects. Choose one that sparks your interest and let the transformation begin! 

Achieve sustainability and creativity by repurposing your old trampoline, and watch as it becomes a unique and functional addition to your outdoor space. So, before you say goodbye to your old trampoline, consider the exciting potential that awaits through transformation.

How do you reuse an old trampoline?
Discover multiple ways to give your old trampoline a new life, including transforming it into a garden trellis, swing bed, chicken coop, hanging daybed, greenhouse, outdoor movie screen, or a fitness station. Each option offers a unique and practical purpose for your old trampoline.
How do I transform my old trampoline into a garden trellis?
Remove the bouncing mat and safety padding, use the metal frame vertically, secure it in your garden, and choose climbing plants like tomatoes or flowering vines to adorn the trellis. Full details are available in the step-by-step guide provided.
Can I use my old trampoline for gardening?
Absolutely! Transform it into a garden trellis by using the sturdy frame to support climbing plants like tomatoes or flowering vines. Follow the step-by-step guide provided in the blog for an easy and aesthetic garden transformation.
Is it possible to make a DIY swing bed from my old trampoline?
Yes, it is! Remove the trampoline mat and springs, keep the circular frame intact, add a wooden platform or base, and decorate it with cushions and a canopy. Enjoy a charming and relaxing outdoor retreat with your homemade swing bed.
Can my old trampoline become a chicken coop?
Remove the trampoline mat and springs, customise the frame with wood or wire mesh to create a secure enclosure, add a hinged door and nesting area. Transforming your trampoline into a chicken coop is a practical and rewarding DIY project.

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