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Benefits of Choosing a Rectangle Trampoline for Your UK Garden

rectangle trampoline

Trampolines are becoming increasingly popular in UK gardens. Suppose you’ve got an average-sized garden and want to make the most of your outdoor space. In that case, a rectangular trampoline is an excellent choice. 

Unlike the traditional round trampolines, rectangle ones offer more jumping space and the ability to practise skills that require more room, like gymnastic moves or basketball dunks.

With more space, extra safety, and excellent durability, rectangle trampolines tick all the boxes for an exciting outdoor activity in your garden.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about why choosing a rectangle trampoline for your UK garden is a great idea. We’ll look at how it uses space, why it’s safe, how it bounces, its cool design, the fun things you can do on it, and why it lasts a long time.

Space Utilisation

rectangle trampoline

A rectangle trampoline is an excellent choice to maximise the space in your garden. Compared to round trampolines, rectangles make the most of the area they cover.

Efficient use of space

Rectangular trampolines fit neatly into the corner of a garden or against a wall. They can be easily integrated in large gardens with modern design. Their boxy shape allows them to utilise space that would otherwise be awkward. You can also place furniture, plants or play equipment around the edges of a rectangle trampoline without reducing the jumping area.

With a round trampoline, a large portion of your garden will be taken up by the circular safety padding and netting but not used for bouncing. The unused space in the circle around a round trampoline is essentially wasted.

Layout options

A rectangular 14ft trampoline gives you more flexibility in positioning the trampoline in your garden. You can place it lengthways against a wall or fence to save space. Rotate it to fit into a corner. Arrange two or more rectangles together for a larger jumping area.

With some creative thinking, a rectangle trampoline can be an ideal solution just like an outdoor gym, if you have limited space or want to maximise the usable area in your garden. Making the most of your space is essential, especially in UK gardens. 

Safety and Stability

rectangle trampoline

It’s very important to know what to ask before you buy a trampoline. A rectangular trampoline offers unparalleled safety and stability for your children and family.

  • The rectangular shape has a larger jumping surface and provides more even bounce, reducing the risk of falls or collisions. Reputable brands adhere to strict safety standards, using heavy-duty galvanised steel frames. You can’t ignore the safety netting and how it makes it safer for you.
  • The straight sides and sturdy build mean there’s little chance of the trampoline tipping or twisting. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your kids or guests are jumping safely.
  • Rectangular trampolines also have safety pads that cover the springs and frame and netting or mesh barriers around the sides to prevent falls. Some brands offer weather-resistant covers to protect the trampoline when not in use.
  • For the safest trampoline, look for one that meets or exceeds RoSPA Guidelines. They will give you an enjoyable, low-risk way to bounce and have fun in your garden for years.

Go ahead, get bouncing! A rectangle trampoline is a wise investment in outdoor entertainment and exercise that the whole family will love. With the proper safety features and build quality, you’ll jump for joy, knowing your trampoline is as secure as fun.

Bounce Quality

rectangle trampoline

The shape of a trampoline dramatically impacts the quality of bounce it provides. Rectangular trampolines, in particular, offer an even, predictable bounce across the entire jumping surface.

Even weight distribution

Unlike round trampolines, where the mat has to be securely attached to springs in a circular pattern, rectangular trampolines have springs that are evenly distributed along the perimeter. This means even a small 10ft trampoline will give jumpers the same lift and bounce wherever they land on the mat. For recreational jumping, this provides a smooth, flowing experience. For gymnasts with more advanced skills, precise take-offs and landings are allowed.

Perfect for skills practise

The even, reliable bounce of a rectangular trampoline makes it ideal for practising gymnastics skills or other aerial manoeuvres. For added safety during practice you should be using appropriate trampoline accessories. You’ll have confidence knowing you can perform a skill at any point on the mat and experience the same lift and height. The springs are also tightly coiled, providing more power and lift than a comparably sized round trampoline.

In summary, rectangular trampolines win out for serious bounce and skill practice. Their design and shape naturally lend themselves to providing an even, powerful jumping experience for one or more users. For UK garden spaces, a rectangular trampoline is an intelligent choice.

Aesthetics and Design

rectangle trampoline

A rectangle trampoline offers a sleek, modern design that can complement any garden aesthetic. Its simple yet stunning shape provides a clean, minimalist look that works well with traditional and contemporary outdoor spaces.

A Blank Canvas

A rectangle trampoline’s straight lines and right angles create an ideal blank canvas. You can dress it up to match your style by adding pads, nets, ladders and enclosures in your choice of colour and pattern. Choose accessories that complement existing garden furniture and features for a cohesive look.

Flexible Placement

The rectangular shape offers more flexibility to position the trampoline in your garden. It can go against a fence for a space-efficient option or be incorporated into a dedicated activity area. Rectangle trampolines also work well on uneven ground since their shape distributes weight more evenly. They provide a large jumping area without requiring as much space as a round trampoline.

A Focal Point

With time homes have become involved and the gardens are much more than just swings and slides. A rectangle trampoline placed in the centre of a garden creates an eye-catching focal point. Its bold shape and the activity it encourages will attract attention from kids and adults. For maximum impact, choose a trampoline with a brightly coloured mat and safety padding. Most rectangle trampolines’ black, galvanised steel frame provides a dramatic contrast to colourful accessories.

Versatility for Different Activities

rectangle trampoline

A rectangle trampoline offers more versatility for activities compared to a round trampoline. The straight sides and corners open up more possibilities for games and routines.


The rectangular shape is ideal for cardio workouts and HIIT routines. You have more space to run, jump and do burpees. The springs also provide more bounce, giving you an extra challenge for bodyweight exercises like tuck jumps, pike jumps and seat drops.


Rectangle trampolines are perfect for trampoline games like dodgeball, volleyball and basketball. The open space and mesh netting surrounding the mat give you room to move and jump. You should also know how trampoline socks helps while playing. You can get trampoline attachments like nets, hoops and balls explicitly designed for trampoline games.

Family fun

A larger rectangle trampoline is excellent for the whole family to enjoy together. In addition to the usual bouncing and somersaults, you have space for activities like following the leader, hopscotch, and jumping jacks. The size means there’s plenty of room for everyone to bounce around, so no more waiting your turn!

With a rectangle trampoline, the possibilities for fun and fitness are endless. Whatever activities you have in mind, from workouts to games to bouncing around, a rectangle trampoline can do it all. The versatile and spacious design means there’s room for everyone to get active and join in.

Durability and Longevity 

Rectangle trampolines are built to last, using highly durable materials designed to withstand years of outdoor use and exposure. The galvanised steel frames resist rust and corrosion, even in damp, rainy weather. The mats are made of UV-resistant polypropylene mesh that won’t fade or deteriorate in strong sunlight.

Quality components

High-quality springs, padding and netting also contribute to the longevity of rectangle trampolines. The springs are rust-resistant galvanised steel, and the mat is securely attached to the frame. Thick foam padding covers the springs and frame, protecting jumpers from injury while shielding the trampoline from environmental damage. UV-resistant netting surrounds the sides of the mat, preventing jumpers from falling off while watching the carpet and padding from weathering.

Regular maintenance

To keep your rectangle trampoline in good shape for years to come:

  1. Perform some essential maintenance.
  2. Brush off any debris from the mat and cover the trampoline when not in use.
  3. Check and tighten any loose springs or netting.
  4. Wash and re-treat the padding and carpet with UV-protectant spray once a season.
  5. Lubricate the zippers and Velcro on the net and mats to prevent cracking.

A rectangular trampoline with high-quality components and proper care can provide safe, enjoyable bouncing for 5-10 years or more. Their durable build stands up well to regular outdoor use and exposure, allowing your whole family an active, fun way to spend time in the garden for many summers.


Ultimately, you want the best for your family, and a rectangle trampoline could be an excellent investment for years of fun and entertainment. While a round trampoline may seem more traditional, the rectangle offers added safety and bounce. They can handle the antics of kids and adults alike. The extra space means you can have friends over to share in the enjoyment. And when the sun is shining bright in the summer, there’s no place you’d rather be than bouncing the day away on your rectangle trampoline. So make the right choice for you and your garden, but take advantage of all the benefits of going rectangle. Your kids and neighbours will thank you!

What are the advantages of a rectangular trampoline?
Rectangular trampolines offer a more consistent bounce across the entire surface, making them ideal for gymnastics and advanced tricks. They also provide a larger jumping area compared to round trampolines.
Do rectangle trampolines bounce higher?
Yes, rectangle trampolines generally bounce higher than round ones. The even distribution of tension in the springs and the shape contribute to a more powerful and controlled bounce, making them preferred for athletes and advanced users.
Are rectangle trampolines safe?
Rectangle trampolines can be safe when used properly and with appropriate safety measures. Ensure the trampoline is set on level ground, use safety enclosures, and follow guidelines for weight limits and user supervision to enhance safety.
Is a rectangle trampoline better than round?
Whether a rectangle trampoline is better than a round one depends on personal preferences and intended use. Rectangular trampolines are excellent for gymnastics and consistent bouncing, while round trampolines are popular for general recreational use.
How can I make my trampoline more fun?
Make your trampoline more fun by adding accessories like a basketball hoop, bounce board, or LED lights. Consider playing games, setting up a tent, or creating a themed trampoline area to enhance the overall enjoyment of your bouncing experience.

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