Why should the fun be confined indoors when a whole outdoor space is waiting to be decked out in tinsel and lights?

Fairy lights and garlands are a magical way to decorate outdoor walls and spaces.

Welcoming your guests during the holiday season starts at the front door. Dress up your porch with festive decorations to set the mood and make a great first impression.

Decorating the trees in your garden for Christmas is a great way to spread the holiday cheer to your outdoor space.

Line your garden paths or walkways with strings of lights or lanterns to guide visitors and spread holiday cheer. Solar-powered pathway lights are an eco-friendly option that won’t require wiring.

Decorating your Trampoline for the holidays is an easy way to spread extra Christmas cheer in your garden.

Including familiar items from British culture in your outdoor decoration christmas will create a warm nostalgia for the season.