10-Minute Trampoline Workout Challenge!

Warm-Up & Jumping Jacks Combo (2 Minutes): Start with a 1-minute gentle bounce to warm up, then ramp it up with 1 minute of trampoline jumping jacks to get your heart racing.

High Knee Lifts & Seat Drops (2 Minutes): Alternate high knee lifts for 1 minute to engage your core, followed by 1 minute of seat drops to challenge your balance and strengthen your legs.

Twist Jumps & Directional Bounces (3 Minutes): Spend 1.5 minutes doing twist jumps for a fun, full-body engagement, then switch to 1.5 minutes of front-to-back and side-to-side bounces to hone your coordination and agility.

Sprint Bounce & Power Jumps (2 Minutes): Push your limits with a 1-minute sprint bounce, mimicking high-speed running, then go for 1 minute of power bounces, reaching as high as you can with each jump.

Cool Down (1 Minute): Ease into a 1-minute gentle bounce, gradually slowing your pace to bring your heart rate down and close your workout on a soothing note.